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Mammoth chillers and water chiller plants are well-suited for delivering chilled water to remote air handlers and fan coils for virtually any building application.  Our products include: 

Our approach is simple – provide you with what you need for your application requirements without compromise.  This includes everything from a simple 20-ton air-cooled screw chiller system, to complex systems with oil-free, magnetic bearing compressors, evaporative condensing and a waterside economizer packaged together with all pumps, valves, electrical equipment and controls to allow virtual plug and play operation.

Our ability to meet special requirements – an impossibly small or awkward footprint, virtually no sound emitted from the unit, super high efficiency – and our quality construction are hallmarks of Mammoth chiller systems.  Your benefits can include lower install costs, easier jobsite coordination of trades, more leasable indoor space, centralized maintenance and service with ample access, and lower operation and life cycle costs.

For more information on how we can design a custom solution for you, please contact your local representative.   

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